Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

The GP Surgery holds a contract to provide medical care to Ashgill Care Home (33 Liddesdale Square, Glasgow G22 7BU)

However, we also have a great number of patients residing in Golfhill Care Home (35 Hanson St, Glasgow G31 2HG) and Mossvale Care Home (151 Mossvale Rd, Glasgow G33 5PT)

The Homes will have Patients living there with a number of significant health needs including a Physical health needs and also Dementia care.

Evidence shows that Patients in Care Homes have higher medical needs than other Patients for medical cover because their medical needs are complex and changeable. They are also usually unable to attend the GP Surgery requiring visits to the Care Home, frequent and multiple prescribing interventions, and they have a higher than average use of Out of Hours Services.

By providing care to our Nursing home residents we aim to maintain and enhance the quality of health care for the residents in association with our pharmacy and Nursing colleagues. Thus offering consistency, efficiency and a higher quality of service.

Our aim is to also reduce unnecessary admissions to Acute Hospitals and the inappropriate use of Out of Hours services and care for Patients in their familiar Home environment where ever possible.

Dr Georgina Brown is the Lead GP in the Surgery for Nursing Home Services and is recognised as an expert in this field. Dr Brown will most often be found visiting the care homes and liaising with associated services for these patients on a daily basis.